Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Attitude and razors

You know I hate to be "That" guy but I have to get this off my chest. Since when did the city of Tempe run out of razor blades?

The last few times my Gal and I have gone out to eat in this city we've had "Scruffy young guy" as our server. I don't have anything against facial hair or any of that, all I ask is that the person who handles my food look like they gave two shits before they left the house. It's almost as if they don't even want the job they're working. I know that might not sound an unreasonable conclusion to come too but holy crap people, these servers were like 22 at the oldest! I blame the older generations like ourselves for the young peoples dismay, perhaps we shouldn't have made the air of discontent so inviting.

Ok back to the service or lack thereof. Listen folks, I've been in this business for nineteen years and  regardless of what you think of me I KNOW how to make a restaurant run in the black and I'm telling you this," Everything matters!" When it comes to the FoH or (Front of House) you have to have a close eye on every aspect of their work, from the look in their eyes to the cleanliness of their uniforms because they all send out a message when the guest walks in the door. For that reason you as a boss have to look for the weed in your garden that will spread quickly and choke out the roses you've worked so hard to grow. Seriously all it takes is one crab ass to ruin a whole shift for your crew.

Don't believe me? Next time you go into work make sure you are giving out an angry vibe and in thirty minutes everyone on your staff will be in a shitty mood. Even the person on your crew that is always happy and beaming with light will turn into a quiet somber little mouse that runs from everything. after you've done that try the opposite. Come in with the best attitude in the world, as if it's your birthday and every friend from the past and present are at your job and they're going to spend the day working and smiling right beside you. You'll find that it's much harder for that positive vibe to spread but when it does holy shit is it a beautiful thing.

That "Vibe" is as important an asset of your business as your cooler or your safe  because you'll never succeed with out it.

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