Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This week we talk about the ladies and how indeed sistas are in fact doing it for themselves w/ Timmi Lasley!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts on Minimum Wage

Morning Everyone,
             So I'll start off by saying I'm not in the best of moods. A lot of my anger revolves around money which of course makes me even angrier because I'm letting money decide how I feel about life. To be specific I'm waiting for my direct deposit to go through so I can move into my new apartment. I'm hoping that I have enough on my check so I can do this so this anxiety is killing me at the moment.
             To kill time I do what most of us do and check out Facebook to see if there is anything positive that could take my mind off all this angst. That was of course a mistake. I'm seeing a lot of people post articles about raising the minimum wage with the underlined theme of "Fuck the poor and stupid!" That's me paraphrasing but you get the general idea.
             I understand why some people would be offended by such an idea of having people who work general labor getting paid close to the same amount as they do. I worked as a salaried manager for years while people who had less responsibility than I did make more money than me, so I get that anger. However my frustration was directed at the people who were (I felt) underpaying me, not to the people who were under me. My servers and cooks didn't decide what my income was, the company I worked for was trying to get the most out of me while paying the least, so as much as I might be jealous of my staff I didn't go to them asking for a raise.
            Here's a question, if we found out that companies could survive paying general labor a better wage, a wage close to skilled labor, does that mean the skilled labor was either getting duped into working extra hard for nothing or the company had been underpaying them for years and let them think they were making a good wage only by comparison to general labor?
            A sentiment I see a lot is something like," I worked hard to get an education and rose above the norm to get to where I am at 17 an hour and now you're want to pay someone who didn't work as hard as me 15?"
            I should also mention that most of the people on my timeline who are pissed off about this tend to work in the IT department or some tech related field that involves a headset, case of redbull, and a failing liver.
            What I find interesting about all of this is that the discussion tends to be not about people being able to live off working 40 hours a week, being able to provide a decent home for your kids, or hell even about not teetering on the edge of homelessness. It's about how people don't want someone else to have it easier than them in life. One of the side effects about this whole debate it that it's turning the 99% against each other rather than on our paymasters.
            I should also mention I have no answers for this other than people should stop being greedy assholes, that goes for me as well as everyone on the planet. Other than that I've got no ideas that don't involve someone getting worked over to help someone else.
            Until next time I hope the company who you work for is treating you well, I hope they pay you more than enough to be happy as well as be financially set. Keep up the good work because people like me need to see that good bosses do exists and that it's possible to have a better world.