Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another day another dollar, or in my case another buck and a quarter. 

I went out to eat a few nights ago and I seem to be noticing a trend of ill server karma coming my way. You see when I go out to eat I always like to tip 20%, if a server does a "meh" job they get 15%, and if they really piss me off they get 10%. why 10%? For the very reason that I would hate it if it happened to me (and it did many times over), I mean there's tempting fate then there's slapping Fate's mom while peeing on their favorite rug. I'd like to think I'd never go that far.

So what is good service? what kind of service should you look for in your own staff? 

Sure servers need to be friendly, that's the basic requirement for any server. However that should not be the main focus of their abilities. I know this because I've hired and fired many servers in my day and I'd like to think I know something about this. While "friendly" is nice, "friendly doesn't cut it when your food comes out cold  or if your tables are never bussed, or even worse you're guests have to wait 15 minutes to pay for their tab. 

Trust me on this one folks, the three qualities you need to look for are efficiency, consistency, and then a friendly/professional demeanor. As long as your staff have these traits in common success is sure to follow!

Oh and for all you hacks out there, putting hot chicks in the front only tells your guests that you hire with your cock and not your brains. If I want to see young hot chicks I'll go to a club or the internet, that and they doen't make your brought in food taste better in the slightest! Deal with it!

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