Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why AZ bosses need to have their citizenship stripped

Ok here goes, let me start by asking what is it to be a boss?
            Is it someone who lets you do whatever you want? Is it someone who rules with an iron fist? Is it someone who helps everyone with their job? Is it just someone who is smarter and wealthier and by default are put in charge?
            My feeling on the matter is that it's none of these, or at least it shouldn't be but as it stands in our country this is the case in most places. A boss who lets you do whatever might make for a fun place to work but growth will be hard to come by as there must always be some sort of challenge for any of us to get better at our job. A person who thinks they rule with an iron fist is just fooling themselves. Trying to convince every associate that they have some semblance of control but anyone with half a brain can see right through that charade. a boss who is just smart and rich would have a better idea of how to run the biz but it's not a sure thing. So what makes a good boss?
             One word,Leadership. Can this person lead? Can they take a staff and make them better at their jobs through any means necessary? Can they help make the company's and staff's lives better through their work?
             If we want to take it a little further, does this boss want the world around them to get better? I know we all wish for a better and brighter future but someone who takes on any form of leadership knows that deep down that they have to ability and more importantly the will to make that happen.
             Hey whats one of the reasons poor people stay poor? I know there are many but lets just start with this one. Education. Now it's been shown that kids who have one parent at home to make sure their kids are staying on track do better than kids who have two parents working one to two jobs. Unattended kids have a harder time succeeding on their own, that's not a Mexican thing, not a black thing or a white thing, that's a human being thing. Now let me ask this, how much time do you think many of the business owners think about this when they determine the pay rate of their associates? I bet they do, I don't think they're being inhuman about it, but it's easier to sidestep that whole dilemma by hiring young people who don't have kids to raise. No I don't think they're being inhuman, just cowards. They have the ability to make a difference and they choose not to for fear of loosing money, their lifeblood, their identity, their God.
             I have someone very close to me that had to take a LoA due to a sickness. She had given her boss documentation about it which said she needed to be on a lighter work schedule. This gal was due for an advancement and a raise but taking on a lighter work load meant giving up on all these things she'd worked so hard for. So it came down to her money vs her health. Keep in mind she'd worked for this boss for a few years and worked her ass for this guy's company. did he return the effort? Of course not. Now he's trying to give her lighter duty with a pay cut and I bet for a difficult schedule to go with it, why? Because now she's a liability, that and I'm sure he knows he fucked up. When you have documentation about an illness and you ignore it so you can keep making your money it will bite you in the ass.
             As for the guy I work for now, I could say a bunch of stuff about him but I will say this for him, at least he cares about the staff that works for him.
            One last thing, maybe we could start a new thing . When a business owner says they ,"Make no money" we should ask them how? I mean not just asking them how come but as in,"Show me you books and let me help, maybe I can fix your cash flow problem." Chances are they wont , at that point we should call them a liar to their face and beat the crap out of them. Ok maybe not that extreme but we should call out bullshit when we see it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ok I don't want to trash a specific restaurant or anything but this post has to do with a restaurant that SOUNDS a lot like Emi's Cafe that is definitely not in the Metro Center in Phoenix AZ.

My lady friend and I went to celebrate one of those "milestone" evenings and thought we'd give the place a shot. I'm not a big fan of these corporate style restaurants but hey my sweetie wants to go and so there I am. I look at the menu and I can respect what they're trying to do with it. They have a somewhat watered down French Cuisine that does in itself stand apart from it's competition of Applebee's or Chili's or any other "'s" for that matter.

One of the things my sweetie loved about this place was the bread baskets that they set at the tables. Now I know a little something about baking so I was curious to see if it was fresh or something thawed. So we sat down, ordered, then bread.

I asked the server if they had any bread baskets, you know, like the ones I saw on the other tables. She said she'd grab one for us but it seemed like it was a chore as opposed to part of the service. The food came in the usual order. First the soup and the salad, ten the entrees. During this process dished were starting to pile up on the table. I didn't want to be rude as I'm with my lady so I just subtly stacked the dishes at the edge of the table. I'm not lying when I say this but the server never picked them up! Even as I was paying and staring at the dishes ><

It was something simple thing but man did it piss me off. Perhaps the manager would have caught it but in the hour that I was there I never saw one. another thing that pissed me off. I'll get into that in another post as far as management goes but as far as the server goes I'm going to blame the restaurants training.

A little effort goes a long way people!