Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Resignation Letter!

In all fairness I've changed the names in this letter as well as left the company name out. Feel free to cut and paste if you quit your job for similar reasons!

Good Morning,

My name is _______________. I work in ________ at store #_____. This morning I sent in my two week notice but I feel I need to send the reason why I'm leaving higher up on the flagpole in order to get my message across. 

The recent cuts in labor and hours has caused us to lose quite a few staff members. The result being is that those of us left have a higher workload. This is understandable, was isn't understandable is cutting the hours even more to the point where we consistently lose sales because of poor service and no repeat business.

On ______/__/____ I was scheduled as bartender, we had two servers on the floor and one out on a delivery. We got so slammed that all three of us were in the weeds with 6+ tables each (your max amount in your training is three), that's not including take out orders. There is no host nor anyone to help run food. When the third server came back from her delivery she was put on the floor. At 1pm when the rush slowed down the restaurant was in shambles as the majority of tables were not bussed yet. At that point to save labor two servers were cut from the floor leaving myself and one server to watch the restaurant. The rest of the day was so busy I almost chose not to come back, the other server ________ quit after this shift, that's how bad it was.

On April 20,2017 the same thing happened. The floor was cut down to me between 1pm and 2pm leaving me to watch the door,bar,take out , and the entire restaurant. Had a new hire not gotten on the floor at 3 pm I don't know what I would have done as I was starting to crack.

I've been in food service from host to manager in my 21 years. I've managed multiple units in an airport on the most crazy travel days running 2k per hour in just one of my units, it takes a lot for me to crack. The way the labor has been cut in this company is causing me more grief than my divorce seven years ago. _________ and I were the two "Go-To" people in the restaurant and neither of us want to be here anymore. Speaking just for myself, this new direction is creating a hostile and toxic work environment.

I was a manager for years , so in defense of the management team, they're scheduling as they are being told to. From what little I understand, those orders come from higher than our district manager, if that's the case I'm not sure if they understand what they're doing to their own company. Then again, I'm just an hourly so what do I know?

I have given my two weeks notice to my manager via email, this letter is not to throw anyone under the bus, it is to have on record the effects of the labor cuts and how counter productive they have become.

If you have any questions I can be reached at _________________
Thank you for your time