Wednesday, December 31, 2014


A quick shout out to all the UK fans who have checked out this page! Don't forget to check out The DisJointed Podcast w David Germain!

How do you go from a 9-5 life to one of creativity? That's just the question we ask on our show!

Dave G
a.k.a A-Hole Chef Dave

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Morning UK!

I'm glad you dug the show Party People but if you really want to know more about me you should check out The DisJointed Podcast w David Germain on itunes and stitcher!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A new podcast idea...for me anyways.

             Hi there everybody out there in internetland. The is Dave or "Chef" Dave and I have a question for you. I'm thinking about starting a podcast that's focused on the food industry. Anyone who has seen me on t.v knows a little bit about the business, but there is so much more that goes on in a restaurant than you see on t.v.
             My life has changed quite a bit since Mystery Diners and I've changed right along with it. some of you know that I have a podcast called The DisJointed Podcast which deals with moving from a 9-5 life to one of creativity. What I'd like this other podcast to be is not just about what sucks about the food biz, but how we can make it better!
             Believe it or not I do have many years in the biz from an hourly position to one of manager. I'd like to think that I know more about this biz than your average person but hey I could always learn more! That's where you come in.
            I'd like to start with any questions/comments/concerns you might have about the food business . I hope to have some guests on the show so we can hear about the issues we all face not just from the workers point of view but from the boss's point of view as well.

p.s Trolls will not be fed =P

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Morning UK!

Granted I'm in Colorado at the moment but I noticed that I'm getting a lot of hits from the United Kingdom. I hope you guys are digging the show! If you'd like to know more about the jerk you've just seen on tv you might want to check out my podcast on stitcher and itunes called The DisJointed Podcast. or you can go to my website at
It's about how people like you and me move from our 9-5 lives to one of creativity. It's never too late to start living the life you've dreamed of since you were 16 Party People!

I've gotten a small amount of hate mail from the show and I know where most of the people are coming from. Granted I've never answered any of them mainly because I feel like these are people who are so pissed at their own lives but are afraid to try and make a change. I think it's easier for them to yell at a guy like me instead of using that anger to actually focus on their own problems. I'm sympathetic to their hate because I spent many years living my life the same way. No one ever starts out wanting to be the villain in their own life's story , they want to be the hero, some even believe they are the hero when they aren't.Truth be told, that's exactly who Chef Dave used to be.

One of the things that's helped me turn my life around was surrounding myself with the right people. However some of us live in parts or the world where maybe we aren't able to be around the right people, or supportive people as it were. That's where podcasting comes in. If you don't listen to my podcast that's fine but do yourself a favor a take a few moments and look through either itunes or stitcher and give one of their many shows a shot. Podcasts as well as podcasting has changed my life for the better, and I hope it well do the same for you!