Saturday, May 26, 2012

So people will get off my back

Ok, so as most have you have seen, tonight was the airing of yet another bullshit reality show. With some choppy editing and a grand Hard Copy slow mo shot of me, I was painted as some kind of villain. First off, if I were to follow anyone around, and yes that means you the reader, I bet I could make you look like the biggest A-hole on the planet too. So don't go believing everything you see on TV.
Second of all, yes this happened about four months ago when I quit The Groves (for the record I QUIT I wasn't fired). I was so pissed that night, had I not needed my last check so much I never would have signed that stupid release. They had me over a barrel and since then I have been trying to get the network to not air that special. Sadly the little guy without a lawyer doesn't have much of a shot getting anything done against a big time corporation.
For months I had been dreading this night. Then last Sunday I get a call from one of my co-workers asking if I'm on TV. Food Network decided to give a sneak peek of the show and boom we're off to the races. Over the next few days I had lost two of my clients over this and I'll be very surprised if I have a job after this weekend.
I'm glad so many of you feel so righteous judging me but you can believe that this isn't over.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A televised kick in the nuts

So as some have you might have scene, I was on some bullshit show on food network. I'm still pissed about this whole thing. I lost two customers on Monday and three more since then. I'm basically being set up as a whipping boy for the amusement of the country. OK if that's how it is, let's talk about the food industry America! You think it's all so black and white? There's a bunch of shit in this business that makes me look like a saint! I didn't do anything that hasn't been done to me in one way or another!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Worst night of my life

I'm so pissed tight now I can't even see straight. To hell with food network, thats all I can say.