Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ok I don't want to trash a specific restaurant or anything but this post has to do with a restaurant that SOUNDS a lot like Emi's Cafe that is definitely not in the Metro Center in Phoenix AZ.

My lady friend and I went to celebrate one of those "milestone" evenings and thought we'd give the place a shot. I'm not a big fan of these corporate style restaurants but hey my sweetie wants to go and so there I am. I look at the menu and I can respect what they're trying to do with it. They have a somewhat watered down French Cuisine that does in itself stand apart from it's competition of Applebee's or Chili's or any other "'s" for that matter.

One of the things my sweetie loved about this place was the bread baskets that they set at the tables. Now I know a little something about baking so I was curious to see if it was fresh or something thawed. So we sat down, ordered, then bread.

I asked the server if they had any bread baskets, you know, like the ones I saw on the other tables. She said she'd grab one for us but it seemed like it was a chore as opposed to part of the service. The food came in the usual order. First the soup and the salad, ten the entrees. During this process dished were starting to pile up on the table. I didn't want to be rude as I'm with my lady so I just subtly stacked the dishes at the edge of the table. I'm not lying when I say this but the server never picked them up! Even as I was paying and staring at the dishes ><

It was something simple thing but man did it piss me off. Perhaps the manager would have caught it but in the hour that I was there I never saw one. another thing that pissed me off. I'll get into that in another post as far as management goes but as far as the server goes I'm going to blame the restaurants training.

A little effort goes a long way people!

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